Dell Inspiron 13z

Am very lucky to have won the Dell Inspiron 13z from the Pink Ribbon High Tea event with the good people of the Breast Cancer Foundation recently.

Yes I know, I’m very lucky, it was a 3 part challenge with the rest of the attendees, my team mate and I won 1 each!

Oh, that pink is so woman I tell you. Would put any man who carries it to shame. Unless of course he’s a graphic designer of that sort who takes the arty route.

Anyway, Here’s the link to their site about specs and stuff:
Do not be decieved, it comes in black to!


I will not attempt to pretend that I’m all about tech.

I appreciate the form though.

It’s ultra sleek, making it really nice to carry, the monitor flap forms nicely into the whole structure.

The keyboard, always have the problem of typing with my finger tips, striking on it, not a good idea for the long run, not good for the joints in the fingers, but I dont actually experience that with the Dell Inspiron 13z.

The built of the keyboard made me very aware of the striking and hence consciously switch to the correct method.

My mbp has the rubber keypad protector, hence thats one thing that I easily overlook.

Loving the Dell Inspiron 13z’s form.


Thanks for coming by
Be Bless

P/S: I’ve a 20% discount voucher for the above mentioned computer if you are keen. Only valid till October 28 2011 🙂

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