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Epson’s New Projectors!

Went by to Epson’s new projector’s launch the other day, pretty impressed with what I see. 🙂

Talk about Projection at short distance, Talk about Projector that has a dock to dock on your Apple product and let it screen~

Ya man, this guy is presenting to us using his iPhone.

Above being compatible with Apple products, what caught me was the 10watt speakers, and make that two. Wah… I sure would like the idea of plug-and-play from my Marilyn when I reach home, continuing the current playlist. I love my Shure ear phones, and having quality sound heard from all areas of the house.

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Dell Inspiron 13z

Am very lucky to have won the Dell Inspiron 13z from the Pink Ribbon High Tea event with the good people of the Breast Cancer Foundation recently.

Yes I know, I’m very lucky, it was a 3 part challenge with the rest of the attendees, my team mate and I won 1 each!

Oh, that pink is so woman I tell you. Would put any man who carries it to shame. Unless of course he’s a graphic designer of that sort who takes the arty route.

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