Sue Bday Dinner @ Empire State

went out to celebrate @luvyun ‘s birthday today~ Kinda belated~!~!

The entry level meets the semi-pro meets the full-frame 😀

The usual clique @GenkiGenki @tangenghui @juzferyou but today got special guest, @Noelong

anyway, initially wanted to go Nandos… but long long long queue,
Thank you Noel for queueing up for us beforehand~
I found him first, then follow by sue, then Leon, then Chris
dun wannna wait so decided to go over to Manhatten

was on our way when @CalvinTimo surprised us 😀
Sudden tap on my shoulder, I was like “huh?” whos that, tap me on my shoulder, quick and sharp somemore. >_<
He has an appointment at Porn’s which apparently turned out to be alittle non-routine,

kk, so we went over to Manhatten. Long Long queue… no no no…
SO switched, Empire State

*tINg!* cute right? 😀 the wallpaper at Empire State

then @tangenghui joined us. 🙂
The whole table is so excited over his new Lubitel

Foods UP!
Sue’s Salmon

Abit too fishy for my liking..

Leon’s Bacon and Cheese burger

Noel’s Twin Tower Slider

Genghui’s Half Chicken

Chris’s Mushroom Pizza *Super filing!


I see like that very nice know.

and this is what thats presented:

Correct, not wrong, its fillet. Fish fillet.

looks as though its defrozed and deep fried..

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Cream Caper Sauce, Buttered Vegetables & Mashed Potato $15.90

🙂 Go for the burgers.

that for $15.90? I’ll go for 15minutes cafe’s Fish and Chips or Fish & Co’s New York Fish and Chip anytime.

Got dessert, next entry k~
Dessert Factory! SUPER CUTE Display!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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