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TOTD 28/2/12 “and complete our day”

“But I had followed our routine everyday: walking down from Guy’s Campus at 5:30 in the evening, down Southwark Street, up Stamford, turning right at the IMAX and up Waterloo Bridge-our bridge-the strengthening smell of the Thames filling my lungs with anticipation, my feet quickening in step with my heart as I hoped to see you hurrying from the other side in your DKNY shirt and Gap khakis to meet me at the halfway mark and complete our day.”

– The Strange Tale of An Incorrigible Expat Playboy short stories, Shaina’s Inbox, Sandeep Shete

and complete our day.

Thought of The Day
Be Bless

Christmas (Tree)

Was reading the newspaper when I came to this article. Its called ‘Oh (real) Christmas tree” by Jessica Cheam.

She is good, or at least this article was very well written.
Let me extract out the parts for you.

“Many people have a love-hate relationship with Christmas. Some even argue that the reason behind the occasion, the birth of Jesus, is not even in December – but in April or November, depending on which historian’s theory or calculation you believe in or use.

My other half is one who is ambivalent about the occasion – he can’t decide whether to embrace or ignore it. A week ago, he declared: “I’m not doing Christmas this year.” “But you don’t do Christmas every year,” I shot back.

By “not doing Christmas”, he meant that he will not go shopping, send any cards or indulge in what he considers time – and money-wasting activities which many people get sucked into by glitzy shopping malls and fancy retailers.

This year, he insisted he will “not do Christmas” again, except for one thing: Get a real Christmas tree. Continue reading