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The revelation of Pure Double Chocolate 

Okay… This has absolutely nothing to do with the drink, it’s used as s title bcos I happen to be having that now. 😀 

Sitting at KL’s budget airline’s airport called LCCT. Low Cost Carriage Terminal maybe. 
Came by to Coffee Bean cos the other restaurants seems to be too busy and crowded for me to leave my bags alone to place my order. 🙁 the pains of travelling alone. 

I want to complain ar! No lasagna for a hungry Amanda ar…. 🙁 

Stolen from: “http://www.freerecipes.org/simple-lasagna/”

So so… Anyway, 
I sat down at a seat and a thought came to me. 
Why am I so bothered about respecting superiors… 

Okay.. Maybe not really that, but rather, 
What is it about people of higher position that invokes me to give them the respect and honour?

I realise, it’s bcos of experience. 
Why is it that papers need to be approved by people of the higher management before anything can be executed? More than just having the numbers matched and the information verified. I realise, a lot is also because of experience as well. 

The boss would have seen enough to know whether this proposed item can be executed, the foresights and the outcomes that will come from their years of experience. Not that it has to be directly the same kind of thing, but rather, things that are similar and affected by related condition. 

It triggers my chain of thoughts going ahead. 
Being in leadership position, people look to you for advise and foresights, people look to you to give guidance and provide knowhow. 

What then if you are thrust into a leadership position but do not have enough experience to support it? 
Perhaps not not enough. But just not as much as how one would wish it to be. 

That’s when considerations and lots of why comes in. 
Not saying no for the sake of saying no, but having a legitimate reason in doing so. 
Saying yes because it will truly benefit, putting thoughts and consideration about enough to consider how things will be affect. 

Why did that paragraphs came about?
Well, I had been associating with plenty of experienced people these days and I realise they are very capable of saying no, not just so they can push things away (those, I have met plenty too). But rather really saying no bcos there is a legitimate reason. 

It’s like when I am in a leadership position, will I be able to say no to things and requests that comes by that shouldnt be handled by my staff? 

When I say yes, or considers the hurdles ahead, how will my staff be affected? 

These are thoughts that needs to be regulated. 
Regulated to prevent missing opportunities, Regulated to prevent my staff from being burnt out. 

I love my Pure Double Chocolate. 

Every Vacation Is A Good Vacation…
Nope, this isn’t a vacation, I just happen to be out of Singapore.

I think these are thoughts that parents need to think through too…

Thanks for coming by 

Be Bless 

P/S: I burnt out, bcos he didn’t know how to say no. I burnt out, bcos he didn’t know how to use my talents for opportunities presented. 
I thought being aware of what kind of job one wants and having a goal in life is important. Choosing the right boss turns out is as important a well. 

TOTD – That everyone plays a part.


Was filled with positive thoughts about the young boy in checkers shirt when he first sat down w his plate f rice. I thought he was so independent, worthy of my praise.

Then he stood up and walked away. Came back w a set of steel cutlery.
Oh turns out he was using a plastic spoon initially.

Then he took off his bag and drop it on the floor. Drop literally not put.

and soon enough the plastic spoon landed on the floor as well. Quietly and as discreet as possible, right underneath the table where he sits.

Another young boy, a woman and a man came and sat at the table.

The woman scolded the boy regards the bag.

I wonder what will she do if she knew the boy dropped the spoon.

On my side, as a righteous public member I should have pick it up and place it on his table. (It’s alright afterall to change the mind and wanted to use a steel spoon instead. Just leave it on the table, why do you litter?)

But it feels like if I do that I’m being a teacher again, correcting “student”. Mind your own business Amanda.

But what is it? Lack of the right Parenting? Lack of education in school?

Or is it a blatant unawareness that everyone plays a part in keeping the environment clean?

And don’t you dare tell me drop the spoon on the floor so the cleaner has a job to do. (Unless jokingly of course).

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

TOTD 18/3/12 “of seeing positive changes in their perspectives”

“These men and women were not deterred by the social stigma associated with counseling when they came forward to seek help. As Jit Meng, one of the featured clients, would say, “A desperate man is not a self-conscious person.” Wei Qiang, in another featured story, agree to seek counseling for he recognized that an issue bigger than his pride was at stake. What was common was that these clients were all motivated by the possibility of seeing positive changes in their perspectives or relationships.”

– More Than A Chat: Real-life Accounts of Lives Empowered through Counselling, REACH Community Services Society

by the possibility of seeing positive changes in their perspectives or relationships.

Thought of The Day

Be Bless

TOTD 16/3/12 – “that he now has a better grip of his issues”

“How would you describe counseling? This question was posed to the counsellors. ..

Another depicts counseling as extending a helping hand to individuals in resolving their issues. At the end of the counseling session, the counselee would feel heard, accepted and leave with the hope that he now has a better grip of his issues.

While family and friends may play the role of a counsellor, what makes professional counseling different from any other conversation is the process. Professional counseling is a facilitated process. It is more deliberate and directional than an informal chat between friends or family members. Trained counsellors are equipped with skills that enable them to elicit thoughts and feelings, facilitate self-discovery and generate solutions from counselees in a manner that lay persons are not adept to do. ”

– More Than A Chat: Real-life Accounts of Lives Empowered through Counselling, REACH Community Services Society

.. and leave with the hope that he now has a better grip of his issues.

Thought of The Day

Be Bless

TOTD 15/3/12, A Different Leap of Life

Was just looking at a status update of an ex-colleague.
She updated it saying “.. a leap in my career and I’m grateful for this.. ” Something along the line of having been at the bottom for this long and things are finally changing.

That felt like a slap to my face initially. WHAT!! even she as an under-achiever* is doing better than you! What are you doing with your career!!

*okay, when in the context of comparison, one tends to put another down.

I feel really lousy for a while..

Then it came on to me, it isn’t exactly that I’m not moving forward, “a giant step in career? a giant step in life’s understanding.”

As I began to notice the high-flyers around me, I gain a different perspective.. Yes, they have like perhaps thousands giants leap in their career. They have perhaps tons of money in their bank. They have perhaps travelled all over the world to work.

What do I have?

I have a little bit more time to do what I want compared to them. I can start and maintain a relationship in a country *its a challenge to settle down if one is traveling around the world to do their job. I have more joy than stress.

Guess that’s the difference I have, my development, my giant leap stands in understanding how life can be like more than just money or paper chase.

No doubt money is still important. Being educated is important.

Just another segment of being a person.

A different leap in life.

Thought of the day

Be Bless

TOTD 8/3/12 – Different

Sometimes, the teacher that teaches the underprivileged classes feels the most left out. 🙂

Cos everything is geared towards helping average or very good students to score, what about the others?

Topics that seems so general, can be entirely so new, so elusive to them.

Do you know, the world of their mind is actually way smaller than our comprehension, n they have their set of problems & issues too..

What feminism? A more trendy tudung compared to a traditional tudung is just “Tudung” to them.

They are not mindless. You just need to reach their level, you just need to know they are a seed too. You just need to try. You.

“If You Teach Me How”

Good Classes, Good Grades, Certificates are important, but, being average can live too.

More than just helping them to see results. My job is to help them to live.
Live their life.


Thought of The Day
Be Bless

P/S: Mostly, this doesn’t apply in the Singapore Education System, because it doesn’t show in the grades.

Care for them and they will change. Sure, but not fast enough to show in the grades.