TOTD 8/3/12 – Different

Sometimes, the teacher that teaches the underprivileged classes feels the most left out. 🙂

Cos everything is geared towards helping average or very good students to score, what about the others?

Topics that seems so general, can be entirely so new, so elusive to them.

Do you know, the world of their mind is actually way smaller than our comprehension, n they have their set of problems & issues too..

What feminism? A more trendy tudung compared to a traditional tudung is just “Tudung” to them.

They are not mindless. You just need to reach their level, you just need to know they are a seed too. You just need to try. You.

“If You Teach Me How”

Good Classes, Good Grades, Certificates are important, but, being average can live too.

More than just helping them to see results. My job is to help them to live.
Live their life.


Thought of The Day
Be Bless

P/S: Mostly, this doesn’t apply in the Singapore Education System, because it doesn’t show in the grades.

Care for them and they will change. Sure, but not fast enough to show in the grades.


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