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|Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe|

*Sings together with Delta Goodrem

Red and yellow and pink and green,
Purple and orange and blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too!

oki, I didnt exactly sing a rainbow,
but I think I had a meal close enough to a rainbow  😀
The Rainbow Cuisine @ Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe

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Thanks for coming by~
Be Bless


Went by to Brewerkz at Stadium Waterfront to try out their Lamb Shank with @Calvintimo

Yes, him again 😀 hahaha! Im a big fan of food and so is he!

This is also the first time I tried shooting in Manual mode in indoor setting, Really dark, but is glad that hey hey, not bad I feel my photos turn out quite oki.

He very bad, encourage me to drink!

😀 Singapore Alae

no la, just kidding, tot since ya, Brewerkz is about Brewery after all, and I’ve nothing serious going on after that, why not? 🙂
I am so lousy I tell u…
1 Cup… that was it… haiz…
couldnt, didnt want to handle the 2nd cup… its not even a pint!

ANyway~ 🙂
The main purpose of the day~


I *HeArT my Salmon!!!!

More Salmon!!

I loved how the overcooked and crisped side brings about that salty-ness, worked so well with the fish. That tomato garnish which is really well marinated that brought about that sourness *Oh! *sLuRP!

The other thing about these two dishes was the Potato

They have this menu especially suited for this Potato~ US R.B Potato~

I love moi Salmon~ and I’m a fan of Potato~

oh, and heres a video of the dinning location~
Guest Appearance: @calvintimo


Be Bless

P/S: Toggle over to his site to see the good stuff (Brewerkz entry). Shot on Cannon S90!!!! I am so jealous!

Woodlands Waterfront Videos

I went back again to take some video of the place.
Thought I should share here since I really love the sights 🙂



To the Left, To the Right:


The Sheltered area:


The Extended Bridge:


Have you visited it yet? 😉
Come oN!

Thanks for coming by~

Be Bless

Renae's Cage

Realize that the current cage for Renae is too small for my liking, so came to a point of decision… Hmm… should I get her a new cage?

The decision came at a buying a new toy. If I can get her a new toy, I will get her a new cage. 😀

ANd Indeed… I got a toy…

Then I found a container at home, and I tot, why buy? Why not tweak the current and make another~
and I did…

Cut here~

Bend here~

Lock it in~

and TaDa! The full glory!

Quick! Guess where is Renae~ 😀

Pain I tell u…

Oh well, all for the sake of my furry love~

Lub Lub many many much~! 😀

Be Bless

Sushi Tei!

Went by to Sushi Tei at VivoCity the other day to catch up with a couple of teachers the other day.
You know la, those gather together share about how we deal with the kids how are we coping after we left NIE and stuff. 🙂
It was good. 🙂
So many things in the wind are changing and we really see the hand of God moving. 🙂

Hey Hey! Good Food!!!

I missed out the Gyoza, I didnt take a photo of it.


Got Corn-ed

They call this the Golden King Roll?

Its like the big brother version of the Mango prawn roll from Waraku:

Both is mango, Sushi Tei ones, I can taste the prawn meat more. 🙂

Teacher’s Potion= Coffee 😀
Went around, it was almost 10pm, didnt get much of a coffeehouse,
but we went to something BETTER!!!! O_O
Come back again to find out what we had 😉

Be Bless


Went by to Calvin’s place to burn his kitchen the other day 😀

Yes, I like to burn people’s kitchen ^_^


Nothing much really,

Rosti with Sausages from Pan Pacific hotel and my sauce from the Bake Potato item,

Banana nut crunch post cereal on my brownie~

He has the full details~
The Foodie-licious World – My Creation: Home Cooked Rosti with Pork Sausage & Brownie with Ice-cream

Thanks for coming by~
Be Bless

Pasir Ris Sunset

Just realize I didnt blog about this Pasir Ris Sunset till cher link me up. 😀
Probably too busy setting up flickr account that night.

Heres to share 🙂

This is nice, 🙂 *still working on the whole composition thing. 🙂

Totally love the colors here:

I tweet the other version of it and name it “Life is beautiful” 🙂

I love the perspective that this one provides:

My first ever Reflection shot:

This one, “I wanna go Hawaii”

This one, Totally reminds me of the Jungle… You know the Hippo and Dog singing the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” song? 😀

I like this too:

I call it Lovers Concerto… 🙂

thanks for coming by~

Be Bless

Asia Conference – Dr Kim

Went for Asia Conference this week! It was Phenomenon!

My biggest take back was to watch Dr Kim play the piano for us~

She’s the wife of Dr David Yonggi Cho, Leader of the largest church in Asia

I always enjoyed music. But this time was interesting.
I was totally enchanted by her ability to left hand dance on the low keys,

While the Right hand dance on the high notes

Now I know what it means by being a professional pianist

I am so bless!

Wish you were there…

Be Bless