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Was on the train the other day when I encounter a leaner.

Whats a leaner?

This is a leaner:

😀 Just someone who leans on the pole.

He leans and all three ladies, that were holding onto the pole have to let go.
I was very irritated.
So I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Please do not lean on the pole.”

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Synthetic Happiness

Saw this video on, titled: “Why are we happy”.
My conclusion?
We tend to be happier when we are not given too much liberty of choices, or even room to change our mind AFTER we made the choice.
As always, make your decision and march on!

1 of the comments indicated: “I suspect much of Gilbert’s conceptual framework is designed to fit his preconceptions. No hypothesis testing, little critical analysis etc. He knows what he’s looking for and by Jove he’s gonna find it. ”

Heres the video for your ingestion. He speaks real fast, so please do not watch the video if you already have a headache.


Minister is on fb…

Minister came to visit on a Sunday morning.

My dad and I were at home and we were caught off guard.

I was just about to leave to go to work and my dad was doing spring cleaning.

Was getting my shoes when we heard the urgent knock on the door.
Opened the door and a representative was addressing my dad. *shRuGs*

I was very disturbed.
Like… Minister is visiting, they are going to take photos, why aren’t we informed beforehand?
Turns out they slipped a notice 1 day before, underneath the door. 1 day before.


Kinda like, if one segment of a chain is loose, the whole chain gets into trouble.

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