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TOTD 15/3/12, A Different Leap of Life

Was just looking at a status update of an ex-colleague.
She updated it saying “.. a leap in my career and I’m grateful for this.. ” Something along the line of having been at the bottom for this long and things are finally changing.

That felt like a slap to my face initially. WHAT!! even she as an under-achiever* is doing better than you! What are you doing with your career!!

*okay, when in the context of comparison, one tends to put another down.

I feel really lousy for a while..

Then it came on to me, it isn’t exactly that I’m not moving forward, “a giant step in career? a giant step in life’s understanding.”

As I began to notice the high-flyers around me, I gain a different perspective.. Yes, they have like perhaps thousands giants leap in their career. They have perhaps tons of money in their bank. They have perhaps travelled all over the world to work.

What do I have?

I have a little bit more time to do what I want compared to them. I can start and maintain a relationship in a country *its a challenge to settle down if one is traveling around the world to do their job. I have more joy than stress.

Guess that’s the difference I have, my development, my giant leap stands in understanding how life can be like more than just money or paper chase.

No doubt money is still important. Being educated is important.

Just another segment of being a person.

A different leap in life.

Thought of the day

Be Bless