2010 in review – Food

😀 Part 2 of 2010 in review – Food.

I’m surprised that I did so much food review 😀 or have so much entries on food.
My goodness. 😀

The poison:

Chicken Ham and Cheese roll

1st time I met @calvintimo at Sakura Family Restaurant

Cook-up a storm with @calvintimo

nOMs with my ex-colleagues at Sushi Tei:

Chocolate!!!!!!!!!! Max Brenner:

Hug Me!

Lambshank! Brewerkz with @calvintimo:

ar, yes, Chef Clement @ Eden Sanctuary:

ABC Brickhouse + Tingkat with @calvintimo :

Creative Culinaire, Cafe Pralet with @calvintimo and his friend:

15 minutes cafe with @luvyun and @tangenghui:

This one! : Pizza Hut’s Big Bites with many ppl~ 😀

Zi Yean Restaurant with @calvintimo:

Looks good only…

Mad Jacks with @calvintimo

Dessert Factory!! with plenty of tweeps! got stolen away by their toys (on display)

Cheeky Chocolates with my loves! (well… their pancakes taste better than their chocolates)

@thegardenslug Oh… their nutella tart

Krish the Restaurant with a couple of other foodies~

yes… Haagen Daz – Slow Melting – Ice Cream Cocktail.. Also the first time I met @Cusineparadise, @misstamchiak and @ahpoohbear

YehH! Dessert with @luvyun at Blue Mountain 313

#ORTU | Roast – 1 Rochester with Openrice!

KFC Roasta with Group M and many other foodies!

BK’s Steakhouse Burger with WOM Comm

Haagen Daz’s Christmas Menu with WOM Comm, *yey~ Eye Candy 😀

Singapore Sling Bar with Huntington Comms

Yup, the same 24hours


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

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