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3 More days to Burlesque, have you made plans to watch it yet?

Tight Butt, Tight Thighs, Outrageous Voice, Killer Dance Routine.
Its on my must-watch list man.

A check in the dictionary and you’ll find that Burlesque actually has a very… non-routine meaning

burlesque |bษ™rหˆlesk|
1 a parody or comically exaggerated imitation of something, esp. in a literary or dramatic work : the funniest burlesque of opera | [as adj. ] burlesque Shakespearean stanzas. See note at caricature .
โ€ข humor that depends on comic imitation and exaggeration; absurdity : the argument descends into burlesque.
2 a variety show, typically including striptease : [as adj. ] burlesque clubs.

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Ben&Jerry Chunk Fest 2010

Overdued! ๐Ÿ˜€ too long le!

Attended last year’s Ben & Jerry Chunk Fest with a couple of cool people!
@tangenghui @throughthelens @luvyun @chillycraps and yun’s Godbrother

Ben & Jerry was bringing in new flavours so they had this open field campaign thing.

and what do we get when we have friends and a huge picnic mat?
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Food for thought (literally)

Came upon the article “Food for thought that’ll serve dieters well” the other day, and they came up with a comic version of it soon after.

Didย  you know that

“.. in an unusual study which demonstrates that merely thinking about food, without actually seeing, touching, smelling, tasting it, can help sate hunger through a process called habituation”

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