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Was doing Post-processing (PP) on my Batam photos when a thought strike me causing a dilemma within.

Version 2.1

this is after much Post-processing, tweaking the contrast (that increased the brightness of the photo), saturation of the colours Green and Blue that brings out the blueness of the boat and the skies, the green to bring out the sea.

“Originally” (or maybe not that originally, will explain that later) its like this:

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iON Sky

Went over to iON Sky the other day with @xysg !

The view was oki, guess its because its Indoor, and my purpose there was to take photo, so it felt kinda off. πŸ˜€

1-Altitude works better in this case.

Go over to @xysg ‘s site if you wanna know the cost and the stuff that comes with the entrance fee~

Flickr link:

Here Goes:

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