2010 in Review – Events

2010 was a huge year for me, like so busy, in a good way.
Met alot of new people, caught the shutterhappy bug, met Amanda Val Ng (literally).

Putting my 2010 entries into 4 categories,

1 – Events
2 – Food
3 – Photography
4 – Educating.

So heres the 1st category: Events of 2010!

Hat-py Party
met so many friends there that continued the net-relationship till now.

Then came the Hat-py Party aftermath of Potluck and BBQ

Jan 16th, My sister’s big day. Busy like mad…

Chinese New Year celebration!
I took a photo that I was really proud of.

Its moments like that. 🙂

There was this Giant Lantern at VivoCity for the Chinese New Year Season.
Within 54minutes, 64 shots were taken with it.
Covered also in the entry were a series of photos that showcase “award” winning poses 😀

Went on a picnic and did jumpshots of people in a very non-routine place.

Watched Kumar show with Smith and met so many people. 😀

Took my Scouts out for Founder’s Day event:

Did my 1st choral singing performance

1st time I met @luvyun

Did the page on Stilettos which is quite a hit

I like this extract:
“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men don’t have, but women come into the shop and they complain. They say “I can’t walk, I can’t run in these shoes!’ I say ‘Why run? In the reality of life, nobody’s running… If you walk in a certain rhythm you can watch the city, see the buildings, you see more of the landscape – and it permits men to stop you – otherwise you cross life without seeing it.” (pps. 160)

Started my Inspiration collection

Started Blogging for NDP…

oh and very important. 😀 Started learning how to drink

and I got my Hamster with the help of @sidneyreuben – Renae

and of course, did an entry on my mama!

We had Asia Conference with Dr Kim

Went on a night tour in the 7th Lunar Month with the API team

Covered the Skype Event:

and of course, Papa’s Day

visited Chris Ling’s Photography Studio:

and of course, met Uncle Tony, who’s now my Godpa~

Visited HPB’s Exhibition and learnt visually: “You Are What You Eat” 😀

Joined National Library Board at the launch of their Facebook App.

Attended Godpa’s Camera Maintenance Workshop with Shutterjourney Singapore

Covered the Christmas event at Central:

Did a post on @GenkiGenki’s Andrea~

Attended a Health and Diabetes Workshop

Yup, we had the same 24hours 😀

Thanks for coming by,

Be Bless

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