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Update! 26th July 2014

So…. what happened to Amanda?

a… actually I’m also unsure. 😀
Okay, I’m just kidding. It’s Amanda, how can Amanda be unsure of what happened to Amanda right. 😀 me and my rubbish. 😀

hmm… Been wanting to write this post since, May, late may, (school holiday in Jakarta’s Academic Year’s term) but dragged, went back to SG to visit, came back JKT aft Birthday and was straight on sling shot into the propelling activities of induction and conference. So pardon me.. *at least its up now right? *puppy eyes*

I’ve been here (Jakarta) for close to 10 months now. Its been fun, much exercising of freedom and control, gaining awareness and understanding single hood independence.

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Chanel’s LBJ

Went by to Chanel’s Little Black Jacket @ SAM

<Click to see video of its making>
Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 10.14.47 PM









Similar jacket, in multiple different ways, different adaptations.

Not saying I would don it in 2014, just that style is understated. 🙂

As Rachel Zoe says, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”


A quickie link to “10 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up Everyday”


Art Exhibition? Or a marketing tool to set Chanel on another level?

Labels are a force to reckon with. 🙂


Thanks for coming by


Be Bless


Went by to a dinner event hosted by a friend, and the things that some of them mentioned evoked some emotions of mine…
Some said “its been long since they had such, so much fun”
Another that mention that they felt nervous.
and the crowd that was on the other end of the long table.
and of course the “the host would like to say some words moments”.


and I asked myself: “What happen to all that?” 😀
What happen to the table for 10 at Old School Timbre Mount Sophia?
What happen to the table for 7 at Brotzeit?
What happen to the table for 4 at whatever Italian restaurant?
What happen to the table for 9 at Tonkichi?
What happen to all the bloggers invitation?
What happen to all the exclusive invite, event coverage?
What happen to the picnic at cemetry? 😀


I laughed as I looked back. 🙂
Yes, been there, done that, hosted, front to the back, left to the right, *ClinKed* *Drunk* *Signed the Bill*
and I realize how fulfilling and blessed my life has been. 😀


I think at 23yrs old I started hosting dinners and experienced the whole night of entertaining people. I applaude me.


But as we move on with time, our lifestyle change. 🙂
I love me. and as I’ve mentioned, I am still awesome. 😀

HA 😀 I dont think theres another as self-assured or arrogant as I am.
While I dont throw so much eat outs, I still love the small groups that I would hang out with at random nights.
While I derived adrenaline and little bits of happiness from interactions and events as such, I learnt that sitting by the river with a good cuppa, dessert and company. Just a few friends recharges me more.



What recharges you? Have you found that balance, that peace, that little sanctuary that you can go to in your life? That certain activity that restores your balance in the heart soul and mind, that clears it all up and prepares you to claim more land?


Go figure.


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Be Bless




My AH BOY P.O.P LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Super proud of him!!!!!!!!!


*clap clap clap clap clap*






He’s the young man on the left.

on the right is my neighbor, my sister and I have been hanging out with their family since we were really young.

the eldest in their family is of the same age as my sister.

the youngest in their family is of the same age as me. 😀


So when my brother arrives is like having another baby brother to the family.

So nice right. 😀


I remember how the youngest boy in their family and I use to race down the stairs to go to the nearby market. 😀
in our slippers and the glory of the flip flops slapping the stairs. Hahaha! those were the days.
and now my ah boy has “graduated” from the basic military training. I am so damn proud!!!!

*clap clap clap clap clap*


thats a very big achievement as part of being a Singaporean. 🙂
and I do think army is a time when the boys get buffed up to be more man. 🙂


thanks for coming by


Be Bless


P/S: he is going Phuket, I remember I mentioned, after his whole army stint, which I believe is suppose to be 2 years, I’ll take him to Bangkok to pick up work attire. 🙂

Mini Bus

I took their mini bus today!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, just for the new experience lar huh,
It’s like the cheaper form of traveling here,
That short distance I travelled..
You know what, taking a cab is 10times more expensive than the bus!!!!!!!!
It’s like 2dollars vs 20cents

And so you get the tired face, the man smoking in cabin and of course, looks on people’s face that goes kinda “wats this expat doing on the bus.” “Wait, is she an expat or is she a local Chinese?”


Featuring… The tired faces!!!



Okay, shots inside the bus





Shot of the bus


and my colleague from the Philippines Ms Carla


And yours truly. 🙂


Thanks for coming by

Be Bless


So PM Lee was saying what’s stopping SG people from progressing is the people’s reluctance to relocate.

I know why..
cos I’m kinda experiencing it. 😀
Alright, maybe not it’s entirety, but rather living and working alone overseas.

Hmm.. I wonder how it is if its the whole family..
So the husband gets busy bringing the bread home at work,
Parents try really hard to get their children into a good school (good is really subjective isn’t it?)
The wife, is she versatile enough to handle the situation?
Where to go get groceries besides malls and hypermarket? There’s no more convenience stall downstairs, or a quick hawker bite you can get (at least at where I stay). What about work? Her ambition, how she was? if she chose to be a housewife, can she handle the home-maker life?
Will she morph to become the typical TaiTai of that country?

A well, that’s the beauty of humanity, the ability to survive, the ability to want to want to survive.

Thankfully for me,
Got a colleague who took me to the nearby “Shop and Save”. (Yippie! I can get apples!)
(but as she suggested, “far” or “near” is subjective. 😀 its a 20min walk to the location by the way. 😀 and a wet market thats about twice the distance away.)
(which is like the exact opposite in my neighbourhood back in SG, wet market is less than 10mins away, that supermarket is about twice as far away — wet market is closer to me)

Took me on a small bus ride, which is like the small version of SBS n TIBS buses, (although they have that and even a lane for those buses)

And really after looking around at a couple of colleague’s place, I really think those problems are relative.

Yes, we don’t get the usual conveniences like do in SG, yes we don’t get the Internet speed and erm.. we are different, but I think after the initial, I might just be in love with the pace here.

I think a SG that is sick of the rat race would be very comfortable here.

BUT BUT, I still love my Singapore.
Where I belong, where I left my heart and soul.
And of course my mummy and daddy.

And my friends..

And my bakerzin..
And my fish soup noodles
And my..
Okay whatever they are replaceable.

I think ultimately, when one is debt-free, pocket full of cash, work on the right hand, shelter on the left hand, no strings attached, everywhere is good.


Live and let live 🙂
Slowly slowly, sinking right in.

Thanks for coming by

Be Bless

USS w Iris

I went USS with IRIS~~~~ 😀

It was mad. Mad. Mad. Absolutely. I’m never a fan of crazy rides,

those that threw u in the dark, jerk you out of nowhere, scare you like your life depends on it.

My God. She is one lucky girl. 😀

I think you shld be smacked if you’ve gone to other countries’ but not been to SG one.


I dunno why, we didnt really take much photo except when we got into the shops. 😀 oky at least me. And this guy.. Hmm.. Stuffed in a trashcan. Down in the dumpsters. Perhaps hes one of the oldest character tts y ba.


Me Want Cookie~~~~ OHn NoM nOM nOM NOM




Def because there feels like an affiliation, that he teaches number, he teaches kids to recognize numbers.



This thing cracks me up, dunno why. When we move the mechanic up and down, the skeleton moves as well, in-tune w the sound effects. 😀


This is taken in Never Never Land, You know Shrek’s story. and the Interior is so very decorated I felt like I was loyalty already when I got in. and Cant help but sang the La la la song. 😀



Bernie and Ernie. Are they really Gay? 😀 :X



Yes, I likey like Bumble Bee 😀



Go Go if you havent! 😀

Iris said I had really good stamina, cos I really screamed through out the whole Mummy ride. 😀 at least the exhilarating parts.


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The Colour Run

Colours make people happy indeed.


and I have absolutely no idea why running while being splashed with colours make people happy.


They just left the starting line, look at how happy they are already..



and 😀 having been splashed with colours, they are still happy. 😀


my favorite moment captured, the young man trying to scare the little ones with his colours. 😀

For Fun Laughter Peace and Joy.


thanks for coming by


Be Bless


Mercedes-Benz B-Drive

VrOOm  vROoM!

Doing a SHOUTOUT for my PR friend. 🙂

Mercedes-Benz B-Drive at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Celebrate the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class


§  Event: Mercedes-Benz B-Drive

§  Date: 28 – 29 July 2012

§  Timing: 28 July 12- 8pm 29 July 11am – 8pm


Make a pit stop at the Mercedes-Benz B-Drive event and be amongst the first in Singapore to catch a glimpse of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, a compact sports tourer with outstanding aerodynamics. This agile and efficient automobile is comfortable, spacious, and combines driving pleasure with exemplary low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


The Mercedes-Benz B-Drive event will feature exciting activities designed to highlight the new B-Class’s dynamic features and technologies, with attractive prizes to be won. For more information and to register online, please visit



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